Below are some testimonials from people that received flight training by by flight instructor Bill Blunk.

"I was very fortunate to get my PPL with Bill as my instructor. Not only was he very patient, he also went the distance to tailor my learning program (within reasonable parameters - of course) to suit my limited timeframe. He knows his stuff and he knows it well, so he found creative ways of making sure I learned what I needed to know. Hopefully, I'll get a chance to fly with him again - perhaps in the future when I try to upgrade."

R.C. "Archie" DeJesus
Navigator - U.S. Air Force

An email from one Doctor to another Doctor: (With Dr. Punzi's permission)

Dear (name left blank),

As you requested here is the telephone number for Bill Blunk, Aero Club of Enid. He is excellent and will walk you through the rigors of the written and flight exam. Being at 8000 feet in the clouds over Bowling Green, Kentucky proved to me that his methods of teaching are real world. I have nothing but praise for him and his instructors. Getting my instrument rating helped me to be a much better pilot. It was not easy for me personally but Bill and Bud helped immensely. The telephone is 1-888-388-6520 and e-mail www.flyenid.com


Henry A. Punzi, MD, F.C.P.

"Getting my instrument rating with Mr. Blunk I not only became a skilled instrument pilot, but he also gave me knowledge and skills that my primary instructor had missed. I believe that I received my rating faster with Bill than I could have with another instructor."

Tom DeGroodt
Production Engineer
John Deere Works Des Moines

"After sporadic instrument training in my Seneca II with various instructors, Bill was able to spend a few full days working with me and get me calm and confident to pass my check ride. At that time I only had about 150 hours total time and got my instrument-multi endorsement without having a prior single engine instrument rating."

Russell Eppright
Russell Eppright Homes
Austin, Texas

"I used Bill for my Instrument training. I found him to be very safety conscious and extremely patient which was very comforting to me. In addition I found that Bill wanted to teach me how to fly in the real world and not just good enough to pass a test."

Dave Cashman
Project Manager
Geneseo, IL

"As a 45 year old approaching aviation for the first time, I had no idea what to expect, but did have very specific ideas as to what I wanted out of the experience and that I was not getting any younger. "

"I was looking for flight training, as well as an association with other pilots. Bill Blunk gave me both, a training experience with an emphasis on precision & emergency procedures, as well as an association with many of the premier high time aviators in the area. The overall learning experience exceeded all of my expectations and that training foundation has certainly made me a safer pilot. Bill's teaching style and abilities, both in the air and on the ground, are exceptional."

Bill Swaim
Midwest Equipment
Bettendorf, IA


Bill Blunk



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